Winter 2017

Rosalie Gascoigne

Tesserae W 1991


Lionel Bawden

matter/anti-matter 2010

Daniel Boyd

Untitled 2013


Matthys Gerber

Sydney 2003

Tim Johnson and Karma Phuntsok

Untitled 1998

Richard Larter

Pink Rinse 1963

Michael Johnson

Cormorant 2013


Brook Andrew

Ancestral Worship (5 pieces) 2010

Trent Parke

Backyard Swing Set, Queensland 2003

Marion Drew

Bandicoot and Quince 2006-2007

Pat Brassington

Wicked (from In the Same Vein) 2005

Pat Brassington

Vivian’s Spring (from You’re so Vein) 2005


Narelle Jubelin

The First Cloud 1986