Anthony Galbraith

Untitled #14, 1984-1985
mixed media construction
83 x 76 cm (framed)

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Macquarie Galleries, Sydney
Como Hotel, Melbourne
Private collection, Sydney

Anthony Galbraith, Macquarie Galleries, Sydney, 24 March - 18 April 1987, cat. 9

N Drury (ed.), New Art Two, Craftsman House, Sydney, 1988, illus. p. 87
F Fenner, W Wright, A Larkin, S Schoenbaum, C Lanceley and A Loxley, Anthony Galbraith - A Retrospective, Ivan Dougherty Gallery, Sydney, 25 June - 1 August 1998, Catalogue RaisonnĂ©, illus. p. 27

"Galbraith's pictures are three dimensional reliefs, painted on paper, mounted onto balsa wood and arranged in a two dimensional picture plane. Once composed and encased in a framing border, the pictorial space is visually penetrable; diagonal planes intersect and juxtapose on another, connected by an intuitive, rhythmic structure that unites disparate elements into a visually cohesive arrangement....

While Australian modernism provides a local historical context for his practice, Galbraith's reputation lies outside the rhetoric and categories that have largely defined Australian art in the post war period. As such, his work retains a timeless immediacy and freshness, the spatial conversations contained within each construction documenting something of the artist's evolving thoughts, judgements and technical approach." (F Fenner, W Wright, A Larkin 'Introduction' in Anthony Galbraith - A Retrospective, Sydney, 1998, p. 4)

  • Untitled #14

Image courtesy Estate of Anthony Galbraith

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