Andrew Best

(Knox) II, from the Fall Series 2004

Anne Noble

Ruby’s Room #9 (from Ruby’s Room) 2001

Warwick Thornton

Untitled (Star City) from Stranded 2011

Lyndell Brown & Charles Green

First Light 2004

Trent Parke

Martin Place, Elizabeth Street, Sydney 2005

Samantha Everton

If I keep my eyes closed 2007

David Rosetzky

Living Together is Easy #3 2002

Rosemary Laing

bulletproofglass #8 2002

Marion Drew

Bandicoot and Quince 2006-2007

Trent Parke

Backyard Swing Set, Queensland 2003

Pat Brassington

Vivian’s Spring (from You’re so Vein) 2005

Brook Andrew

Miriam (Kalar Midday series) 2003

Brook Andrew

Gary (Kalar Midday series) 2003

Narelle Jubelin

The First Cloud 1986

Tim Johnson and Karma Phuntsok

Untitled 1998

Brook Andrew

Ancestral Worship (5 pieces) 2010

Louise Hearman

Untitled #647 1998

Arthur Merric Bloomfield Boyd

Lovers in a Boat c.1994

Peter Booth

Untitled 2002

Tim Maguire

Untitled 99U44 1999

Tim Johnson

Ganesh 2009

Adam Cullen

Evil Doer' 1996

Peter Atkins

Footprint No.1 2004

Ken Whisson

Car and Driver 1974

Aida Tomescu

Grigia II 1997

Rick Amor

Study for Boy Looking at a Ship 1998

Bill Henson

Untitled 1999-2000

Clement Meadmore

Stormy Weather 1997

Bronwyn Oliver

Comet II 1988

Rosalie Gascoigne

Top of the Morning 1994

Daniel Boyd

Untitled 2013

Louise Hearman

Untitled #418 1995

Michael Johnson

Greene Street, NYC 1981

Michael Johnson

Cameray 1 1982

Michael Johnson

Dolphin Dusk 2010-2011

Michael Johnson

Mendosa 2010-2011

Michael Johnson

Blinkers 1966

Robert MacPherson

Oldfield 1977

Polly Borland

Bunny with Horse’s Head

Rosemary Laing

SKUNKWORKS – Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird 1998-1999

Brook Andrew

Frontier Lights from 'Hope and Peace' series 2005

Destiny Deacon

Border Patrol 2006

Brook Andrew

Tina from 'Kalar Midday' series 2003

Brook Andrew

Ignoratia from 'Kalar Midday' series 2004

Joan Ross

Shall we Dance 1, 2 and 3 2007

Joan Ross

Shall we Dance (the Marriage) 2007

Pat Brassington

Akimbo from 'Default Blue' 1999

Shaun Gladwell

Kickflipper: Fragments Edit 2000-2003

Susan Norrie

Enola 2004

Shaun Gladwell

Yokohama Linework 2005

Tracey Moffatt

Fourth #6 2001

Richard Larter

Pink Rinse 1963

Shaun Gladwell

Tangara II 2003

Mike Parr

The Organic Mirror (Abysses of the Infinite)' 1987

Mike Parr

The Wind 1993

Aida Tomescu

Seria Neagra 1 1998

Pat Brassington

Wicked (from In the Same Vein) 2005

Emily Kame Kngwarreye

Mourning Story' 1991

Billy Benn

Untitled 2008

Nyapanyapa Yunupingu

Camping in the Orchard 2009

Nyapanyapa Yunupingu

Fallen Leaves #2 2009

Harry Wedge

The Hermit 1998

Patrick Olodoodi Tjungurrayi

Untitled 2006

Michael Johnson

Cormorant 2013

Michael Zavros

A Cape Buffalo 2008

Robert MacPherson

Myself being my own man Robert Pene St Joseph's Nambour, February 1947

Robert MacPherson

Don't tell lies Robert Pene St Joseph's Nambour, February 1947

Robert MacPherson

Myself laughing at myself Robert Pene St Joseph's Nambour, February 1947

Robert MacPherson

My Father said not to poke your nose into other ... Robert Pene St Joseph's Nambour, February 1947

Julie Fragar

Untitled (Penny asleep) 2005

Savanhdary Vongpoothorn

Frozen Ground 2000

Petrina Hicks

Jackson and Tiger 2005

Liane Rossler

Sweet Nature: Down to Earth 2016

Liane Rossler

Lapilli Lava Lake 2015

Liane Rossler

Southern Rock 2015

Narelle Jubelin

Exhibition Duration House cited from Duration Ho... 2003

Narelle Jubelin

Donald Judd Untitled 1974-75 at the AGSA circa 2004

Fiona Hall

Home for Incurables 1995

Shane Cotton

The Living House 1999

Euan Macleod

Pile of Rocks 1' 2004

Hossein Valamanesh

Miniature with Various Petals 2001

Hossein Valamanesh

Minature with Fennel 2001

Marion Borgelt

Primordial Alphabet: Time No.IX' 1995

Marion Borgelt

Primordial Alphabet: Relationship No.IX' 1995