Masters of Australian Photography - A Private collection

Bill Henson

Untitled 1999-2000

Pat Brassington

Vivian’s Spring (from You’re so Vein) 2005

Pat Brassington

Wicked (from In the Same Vein) 2005

Polly Borland

Bunny with Horse’s Head

Petrina Hicks

Jackson and Tiger 2005


Trent Parke

Backyard Swing Set, Queensland 2003

Marion Drew

Bandicoot and Quince 2006-2007

Rosemary Laing

bulletproofglass #8 2002


Brook Andrew

Gary (Kalar Midday series) 2003


Brook Andrew

Miriam (Kalar Midday series) 2003


David Rosetzky

Living Together is Easy #3 2002

Samantha Everton

If I keep my eyes closed 2007

Trent Parke

Martin Place, Elizabeth Street, Sydney 2005


Lyndell Brown & Charles Green

First Light 2004

Warwick Thornton

Untitled (Star City) from Stranded 2011

Anne Noble

Ruby’s Room #9 (from Ruby’s Room) 2001

Andrew Best

(Knox) II, from the Fall Series 2004