Inge King

Forgetful Angel, 2002
149 x 66 x 16 cm


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Australian Galleries, Sydney.
Private collection, Sydney

'Inge King', Australian Galleries, Sydney, April-May 2002

Inge King's lively 'Forgetful Angel' (2002) is a lyrical assemblage of geometric forms that combines simple abstract shapes to create a figure that merges King's interest in representing both human and winged beings. Defying the weight of its material, the figure appears elegantly poised, patiently awaiting its moment of flight.

The gestural potential of these limited shapes is combined in a simple arrangement that is intriguing and inspiring. Although the work is primarily understood in a figurative context, as set out in the title of the work, abstract qualities remain at the foreground as the work gracefully balances space, form, colour and contrast to create a dynamic and rhythmic composition.

artwork Forgetful Angel by Inge King

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